I’m a 3rd year Game Art student at howest in Kortrijk doing Digital arts and
PRound.pngentertainment. I chose this because I really like games in general and I always wanted to make them myself. I dreamed about being able to go from an idea to a cool and beautifull looking game which everybody can play and enjoy.

During the 3 years of DAE I learned a lot of skills to get to this point. Because I’d describe myself as a 3D generalist the skills I focus on the most are:

  • 3D low- and hi-poly modeling
  • Texturing and pbr materials
  • Level Editing

Other usefull skills I’ve learned but not focussing on:

  • Programming in C++ and C# + unreal blueprint system
  • Scripting in maxscript and python
  • Drawing and painting

There are also I lot of programs which I learned over the last couple of years. These are the programs I got experience in: